Anilox roller cleaning machine

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1, ultrasonic cleaning, clean and thorough without dead ends

2, automatic frequency tracking, power adjustable

3, all stainless steel one-piece structure, beautiful and durable, the bottom has casters to move easily

4, using imported Swiss adhesive and technology to ensure that the vibrator does not fall off

5, with heating and constant temperature, timing cleaning and other functions

The advantages of using ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean anilox rollers.

1.Ultrasonic expertise in microporous cleaning
Anilox rollers, although there are metal rollers and ceramic rollers, but rely on the fine mesh cavities used to store ink, to the ordinary 600L / ICH anilox rollers, for example, its mesh cavity aperture in about 30 microns, the general cleaning tools are difficult to have such a fine into the mesh cavity cleaning; and ultrasonic generated by the diameter of the water bubble in about 2-5 microns, in a single mesh cavity at the same time can enter the 6-15 water bubble physical impact The bottom of the mesh cavity dirt, so as to achieve the purpose of thorough cleaning, which is not other cleaning methods can be compared. At present in the world basically micro-hole cleaning are using ultrasonic cleaning machine, the application of a very wide range.


2. Ultrasonic cleaning effect is more thorough
The principle of ultrasonic cleaning is the ultrasonic transducer in the work, the production of hundreds of millions of naked eye can not see the water bubble, dense and uniformly around the anilox rollers, regardless of the plane or depression point, as long as the water bubble can enter into contact, it can bring the dirt away. The role of the cleaning solution is to activate the adsorption of dirt in the anilox, so that the adsorption capacity is reduced and easily carried away by the bubbles generated by ultrasound, thus achieving the purpose of thorough cleaning. At the same time, the ultrasonic generated bubble is through the impact of the dirt away, belongs to the physical role, while the cleaning fluid is to reduce the adhesion of the dirt role, belongs to the chemical role, like Western medicine is the treatment of symptoms, Chinese medicine is the reasoning behind the root, the combination of physical and chemical principles, making the cleaning more thorough and reasonable; this is also other cleaning methods do not have the advantages.


3. Not easy to damage the anilox rollers
Ultrasonic generated by the tiny water bubble into the net cavity, hit the pure physical force of the cleaned object is limited; impact energy is controlled by the power and frequency of the ultrasonic generator, for the object being cleaned is different, the choice of technical data is different. Through the control makes the cleaning process to reduce the damage to the anilox rollers to a minimum.


4. More convenient operation, more environmentally friendly
Ultrasonic cleaning is the electrical energy into kinetic energy green environmental protection methods, no dust flying and sewage flow phenomenon, the only consumable is the cleaning solution to help increase the activity of dirt, easy to detach under the action of water bubbles; the whole cleaning method is very simple, after the injection of cleaning solution into the tank into the anilox rollers, press the cleaning switch can be; choose to meet the environmental protection cleaning solution, you can directly discharge the sewer.


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