Ultrasonic cleaning equipment

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly composed of ultrasonic signal generator transducer and cleaning tank. Ultrasonic signal generator generates high frequency oscillation signal (> 20kHz). Through the transducer, it is converted into bright frequency mechanical oscillation of tens of thousands of ash per second, and ultrasonic wave is formed in the cleaning fluid (6 medium). In the way of alternating high frequency of positive pressure and negative pressure, it radiates forward in the cleaning fluid, and countless tiny bubbles are continuously generated in the cleaning fluid, which is called "cavitation effect". When the bubble is broken, it can form a high pressure of more than 10000 psi and a high leakage of 11000 ℃. The explosion of Yan Sheng's first trial can release huge energy. A huge shock wave is formed around the workpiece, so as to continuously impact the workpiece, so that the surface, Theron and the work pieces in the hole can be peeled off quickly, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning. At the same time, cavitation promotes the chemical reaction and accelerates the surface mode accommodation.

Ultrasonic welding equipment

The ultrasonic welding device converts the electric frequency of 50 / bohz into high frequency electric energy of 20kHz or 15KHz through the ultrasonic generator and supplies it to the transducer. The transducer converts electrical energy into mechanical vibration energy, and the vibration is transmitted to the bonding surface through the welding workpiece. The vibration friction generates heat energy to melt the plastic. The vibration will stop when the molten material reaches the interface. The short holding pressure can make the molten material produce strong molecular bonds when it solidifies on the bonding surface. The whole cycle is usually completed in less than one second, but the welding strength is close to the material itself.